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2024-05-01sisudoc spine initial releaseRalph Amissah1-8/+68
2024-04-30sisudoc spine git repo onlineRalph Amissah4-10/+47
2024-04-29sisudoc homepage, update sync with actualRalph Amissah1-38/+67
2024-04-23nix flake housekeepingRalph Amissah3-16/+22
2024-04-14nix direnv v 3.0.4Ralph Amissah2-4/+14
2024-04-11sisudoc spine sync (0.16.0 dir name changes)Ralph Amissah13-715/+163
2024-03-11package & nix update (sync with sisu spine)Ralph Amissah11-112/+142
2023-10-18updates incl. ldc-1.35.0, direnv-2.4.0Ralph Amissah3-26/+54
2023-10-18housekeeping, perl updateRalph Amissah4-23/+24
2023-07-10sisu_markup touchRalph Amissah2-6/+9
2023-07-08add sisu spine description to sisu_markup, reviewRalph Amissah4-11/+254
2023-07-04homepage updates, re-readRalph Amissah6-28/+850
2023-06-26makefile, spine generate command relatedRalph Amissah3-23/+66
2023-06-25bespoke html, homepage index.htmlRalph Amissah4-14/+554
2023-06-23nix flake, overlays from spineRalph Amissah11-391/+270
2023-04-29nix dev + update direnv 2.2.1 => 2.3.0Ralph Amissah12-258/+325
2023-04-20nix .envrc read local settings if anyRalph Amissah3-13/+13
2023-04-17markup in AI systems as artwork, minorRalph Amissah2-25/+25
2023-04-10nix org cleaningRalph Amissah8-734/+852
2023-02-24nix flake & build, temp. remove gdcRalph Amissah10-852/+569