For the Win
Cory Doctorow (2008-05-11)



Thanks to Russell Galen, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and my beautiful and enormously patient wife Alice -- I couldn't have written this without you three.

Thanks to the Silklisters, Rishab Ghosh, and Ashok Banker and Yoda, Keyan Bowes, Rajeev Suri, Sachin Janghel, Vishal Gondal, Sushant Bhalerao and Menyu Singhfor all your assistance in Mumbai.

Thanks to LemonED, Andrew Lih, Paul Denlinger, Bunnie Huang, Kaiser Kuo, Anne Stevenson-Yang, Leslie Chang, Ethan Zuckerman, John Kennedy, Marilyn Terrell, Peter Hessler, Christine Lu, Jon Phillips, Henry Oh, for invaluable aid in China.

Thanks to Julian Dibbell, Ge Jin, Matthew Chew, James Seng, Jonas Luster, Steven Davis, Dan Kelly and Victor Pineiro for help with the gold farmers.

Thanks to Max Keiser, Alan Wexelblat and Mark Soderstrom for economics advice.

Thanks to Thomas “CmdLn” Gideon, Dan McDonald, Kurt Von Finck, Canonical, Inc, and Ken Snider for tech support!

Thanks to MrBrown and the Singapore bloggers for unforgettable street-dinners.

Thanks also to JP Rangaswami and Marilyn Tyrell.

Many thanks to Ken Macleod for letting me use IWWWW and “Webbly.”

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