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authorRalph Amissah <ralph@amissah.com>2015-01-15 23:38:04 -0500
committerRalph Amissah <ralph@amissah.com>2015-01-19 23:46:16 -0500
commit45d6d69d89fb6a8ad36be13f22c6af0b2a7cbc9a (patch)
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parentd: po4a_shelf, shelf current po4a, change tack (diff)
d: po4a, initialize either directly with sst or passed through ao
* creates source language directory with source markup files (.sst .ssm .ssi) & the po4a.cfg configuration file, then runs po4a to place the markup source under po4a translation management * --po4a-sst uses original sisu markup source as described above * --po4a-ao passes sisu source markup through document abstraction before converting back to a sisu markup source markup equivalent of the original document, it does this in an attempt to get more uniform output, and put footnotes for example if any in a form that is easier to translate --po4a-ao -v --trans-en:fr,es en/live-manual.ssm --po4a-ao -v --trans-en:fr,es en/live-manual.ssm \ es/live-manual.ssm in the latter example also runs sisu marked up "es" document through document abstraction and returns a sisu markup source version of the document, and against this gettext is (or can be run) to (attempt to) have the source and target languages together in the po/es file * all quite rough, will need to be revisited, * these for now replace the renamed --po4a-shelf (formerly --po4a)
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diff --git a/bin/sisu-misc-utils b/bin/sisu-misc-utils
index e5be5c09..621d1442 100644
--- a/bin/sisu-misc-utils
+++ b/bin/sisu-misc-utils
@@ -130,9 +130,9 @@ module SiSUconf
class Configure < Thor
- lib_filename='sisu_thor_lib'
- #p "#{DetermineLibsPath.new.sisu_path_lib}/#{lib_filename}"
- require "#{DetermineLibsPath.new.sisu_path_lib}/#{lib_filename}" # sisu_thor_lib.rb
+ paths= DetermineLibsPath.new
+ #p "#{paths.sisu_path_lib}/#{paths.processing.lib_filename}"
+ require "#{paths.sisu_path_lib}/#{paths.processing.lib_filename}" # sisu_thor_lib.rb
include SiSU_Po4a_Actions
class_option :verbose, :type => :boolean